Advanced Technology Days 12: Azure EMS Functionalities

One of the biggest IT conferences in Croatia – Advanced Technology Days – will be held next month at the Hypo congress center in Zagreb. Novelties from the Cloud world will be discussed, with a focus on Azure and Office 365. Our… Continue Reading

Windows Server 2016 Now Available From 3 PRO

3 PRO can now offer the newest cloud-ready operating system – Windows Server 2016, which delivers security, efficiency, and innovation to organizations of all sizes. It supports both your current workloads, and a seamless transition to the Cloud. What’s new? New deployment options… Continue Reading

SharePoint User Redirect


What is SP User Redirect? SP User Redirect is a SharePoint hosted add-in created so you could easily redirect your team members or specific people to a particular internal or external site when they visit certain pages on SharePoint. How does… Continue Reading

IBM FlashSystem Storage Deduplication


Two new IBM FlashSystems with space reduction features are now available – the A9000 and A9000R include pattern removal, deduplication, and real-time compression. They are architected as a modular, hyper-scalable grid-based system. The A9000 utilizes FlashCore™ technology and, along with MicroLatency® modules, provide high… Continue Reading